How we proceed in SEO to rank higher & in lesser time

• Your approach matters a lot, Do you think it’s easy to outrank big competitors ranking already?

Yes! -but your SEO approaches make that possible.

• There is already a lot of competition to rank higher with competitive keywords, so here we take a slightly different approach “focus on easy wins” while targeting medium volume but less competitive keywords & applying all our on-pages & off-page optimization techniques to get them rank in top searches of Google, Bing & Yahoo.

• – & quick solution is there- Your website rank easily in lesser time, gain incremental traffic growth & that’s keep growing!

• Do you know every day there are approx15% new search terms typed by the users? & we keep a tap on those while adding them as our
secondary keywords options and from 4 th month onwards you will see your keywords start ranking that eventually boost your ranking to the higher competitive keywords because search engine semantic algo works like that only.

• But always keep in mind that SEO is a long term continues process but choosing right SEO partner makes difference, and I am here to help you for that.

Our Recent SEO Success Stories

Niche- Lessons - Auto Location- Oxford UK

Category- Auto Lessons
S.N0KeywordsInitial RankingRanking in Jan’ 2021 (After 4 Month)
1automatic driving instructor oxfordNot in 1006
2Driving School OxfordNot in 10016
3Driving instructors Oxford Top 6015
4Professional driving lessons OxfordNot in 6016
5Automatic driving lessons OxfordNot in 1006
6intensive driving course OxfordNot in 10017
7professional Driving SchoolNot in 706
8Manual driving lessons OxfordTop 409

Niche- Cosmetics -commerce Location- Florida USA

Category- Security Agency
S.N0KeywordsInitial RankingRanking in Jan’ 2021 (After 6 Month)
1hotel security Manchesteron 5th page3
2Manchester securityNot in 1007
3security firms manchester Top 602
4security service manchesteron 7th page15
5security company manchesterNot in 1006
6black woman lipstickNot in 807
7buttercup makeupNot in 1003
8makeup artist palette on 4th page9
9makeup for darkskin Not in 10016
10african american makeup Not in 1008

Our Recent SEO Success Stories

Niche- Education- Online Courses Location- India

Category- Education
S.N0KeywordsInitial RankingRanking on Dec‘ 2020 (After 6 Month)
1artificial intelligence courseNot in 1009
2course on artificial intelligenceNot in 10010
3Cyber security course Top 606
4course on business analyticsTop 6010
5cloud computing courseNot in 1006
6 business analytic certificationNot in 309
7 programming hindiNot in 703
8data scientist course in indiaTop 406

Niche- Property – Real estate Location- Delhi - India

Category- Real-estate
S.N0KeywordsInitial RankingRanking in 2021 (After 8 Month)
1property in gurgaonNot in 1004
2property for sale in gurgaonNot in 1006
33 BHK apartment in Gurgaon Top 606
43 BHK flat in GurgaonTop 604
5apartments in NoidaNot in 10014
6apartment for rent in gurgaonNot in 803
7house for rent in noidaNot in 1007
8home for rent in noidaTop 704

Our Recent SEO Success Stories

Niche- Beauty & cosmetics Location- United States

Category- Ecommerce (Cosmetics)
S.N0KeywordsInitial RankingRanking on Dec‘ 2020 (After 6 Month)
1cream foundation paletteon 5th page3
2black woman lipstickNot in 1007
3foundation cream powder Top 602
4lipstick paletteon 7th page15
5quad eyeshadowNot in 1006
6 black woman lipstickNot in 807
7 buttercup makeupNot in 1003
8makeup artist paletteon 4th page9
9makeup for darkskinNot in 10016
10african american makeupNot in 1008

• Website Audit:  The site will go through a rigorous search engine optimization review. Here, skilled search engine optimization experts will analyze the website, identify areas which could be improved to increase ranking & traffic.

• Competitor Analysis: This offering includes study of the on page and off page optimization factors of the competitor’s website to help in knowing how the competitor is faring on the search engines (specified by the client).

• Key Phrase Identification: Using some powerful research tools Digiinte SEO expert analyses your suggested key phrases to identify the levels of traffic and competitiveness.

• Content optimization: Skilled SEO analysts at Digiinte provides solutions to optimize your website’s content to enhance the keyword density on the pages that need it.

• Site-map update / creation: Site maps act as the roadmap of your website for visitors and search engine crawlers. A full text-based site map is crucial in making the site visitor friendly.

• Robots.txt: Search engines will look in your root domain for a special file named “robots.txt”

• Along with above we also optimize- Image Optimization, Tagging, Additional Navigation, HTML Coding Validation & Correction, URL Architecture, schema mark-up, canonical issues, Inbound Links, Website Statistics, ‘301’ Permanent Redirect & other

• Manual submissions: The most used search engine is Google; however, it is important not to ignore other search engines. By manually submitting your web pages to all the major search engines we make sure that the pages are
properly indexed.

• Blog & Media Optimization and Sharing: In this activity, we will optimize the blog posts, news articles on site and will share them on top social sharing websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, etc. to improve its social presence. It will contribute towards generating social signals.

• Our Submission plan- Forum Postings, Social Bookmarking, Video/PPT/PDF Promotions, Business Listings/ Reviews, Article Submission, Press Release Promotion, Question/ Answers & more.

• We will reach out to industry influencers and peruse them to write about products and services. This will help us gain more backlinks and will help us in branding as well. Guest blogging is a method used by bloggers to increase blog traffic where bloggers write posts to be published on other bloggers’

• To Keep your SEO and ad campaigns in sync we follow best strategies to optimize your ROAS.

• What we can do?

Search ad campaigns & optimization- Google, Bing & Yahoo ad campaigns with effective search strategies so that you don’t loose money & get higher conversions (Leads/sales)

• Shopping ads: Structuring & end to end shopping ad campaigns management & optimization.

• Display, remarketing & YouTube Ads- Brand & conversion display campaigns with effect placement techniques to reach and convert captive audience.

• Facebook Ad campaigns management – shopping ads, conversion and lead generation campaigns & optimization.

• Our team can help large scale campaigns management & optimization as well.

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