Leverage Social Media Marketing Services for the Best Results

Why is social media marketing services important for businesses, particularly from a marketing perspective? A few statistics will illustrate the same perfectly, i.e. why our beloved Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn deserve to be so much more than just mere chatting with contacts or checking out statuses!  

  • As per 2019 media reports, approximately 3.2 billion people use social media platforms worldwide, making it more than 40% of the current global population.
  • Active users on these platforms include handsome percentages of millennials (90.4%), baby boomers (48.2%) and members of Generation X (77.5%).
  • For the USA alone, 68% of adults possess Facebook accounts as per reports.
  • Average user time on social media accounts touches roughly 2 hours and 22 minutes each day as per studies.
  • 73% of digital marketing professionals emphasize on the effectiveness of marketing strategies for social media.
  • A whopping 2 million businesses advertise products/services on Facebook at present.

The core take-away is thus the same: The size of your company does not matter; social media is undeniably a vital component of your marketing strategy.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social media platforms enable easier connections with prospects and potential customers while helping you scale up knowledge and awareness about your industry and brand. Here’s why social media marketing is of prime importance for your business:

  • Greater Awareness- People automatically learn more about what you do and how you can solve any potential problems/issues that they may have. Visibility of a brand goes up automatically while helping you reach out to a larger audience.
  • Communication Perks- Social media helps in instant communication with your audience and the better your response times, the more your prospects will start trusting you. A good social media profile communicates reliability to prospects while also helping you interact with prospects and learn about their needs.
  • Authentic Feeling- That authentic feeling that brands wish to instill in their target customers comes through everything you do on social media. Your company grows a type and personality in the bargain.
  • Support- Any queries or grievances? Anything your followers wish to know? Any last minute questions regarding a product/service? Your social media pages can double up as a great support tool for customers as well.

Solutions that today’s marketers prefer:

Social Media Marketing

New-age social media marketers usually prefer a mixture of the old and new, i.e. time-tested social media strategies and contemporary tools that spread the word rather swiftly. Here’s looking at a few of these solutions:

  • Social media marketing campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others.
  • Using technology-powered analytics and insights for posting consistently and at the right times.
  • Tapping Hashtags for amplifying social media content outreach with suitable tools. This includes creation of both branded and niche-based hashtags.
  • Boosting social media content that performs the best through an amplification blueprint. This covers paid and other advertisements along with specific marketing campaigns.
  • Creating compelling and authentic content for a target audience.
  • Building a brand personality or voice for differentiation.
  • Leveraging Influencers for marketing campaigns.

How Digi-Inte helps you

From scaling up brand awareness to building productive connections with prospects, Digiinte leverages a mixture of new-age strategies, proven tools and years of expertise to craft compelling and cutting-edge social media campaigns for clients. As part of our 360 degree marketing approach, we emphasize on understanding and amplifying brand outreach to the suitable target audience.

What we’ll take care of seamlessly:

  • Managing social media campaigns, outreach and advertisements.
  • Creating suitable social media profiles and maintaining hygiene.
  • Leveraging paid and organic marketing campaigns via creative content and building narratives.
  • Ensuring better linkage of social media campaigns with search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and search rankings.
  • Enhancing existing campaigns for higher visibility and brand awareness.
  • Meaningful engagement strategies for target audience and innovative campaigns.
  • Collaborating with suitable influencers that are a perfect fit for the brand in order to drive online growth.

We believe in the three Cs of Communication, namely Crisp, Compelling and Cutting-Edge. This is the core philosophy driving our social media marketing campaigns and strategies; we seek to beef up your brand presence online while creating trust and reliability through value-added offerings and interactions with prospects. At the same time, we leverage social media networks with innovative tools to scale up visibility, build brand equity and keep the sales figures churning.

Come aboard and let us help you get SOCIAL!

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